Not yet converted to spring skiing? Softer snow, milder temperatures and clear slopes: spring is the perfect season for relaxed skiing in Tignes. From the first gliding sensations to the most frantic schuss, the slopes in spring offer a magical playground for all skiers. And the après-ski is nothing but sweetness on the sunny terraces in front of the reborn nature. A great way to leave winter behind!

Softer snow to ski on

With its 300 km of slopes perched between 1550 m and 3450 m, the ski area of Tignes Val d’Isère guarantees snow for skiers of all levels until the beginning of May. And not just any snow. In spring, the snow warms up in the sun and becomes softer and more supple under the skis until early afternoon. A real pleasure to ski. Experienced skiers will choose the early morning when the snow is harder with the refreezing. This is also the time of year when the slopes are at their best, while the massifs are still benefiting from beautiful snow heights. Ideal conditions to enjoy the slopes and have fun!

Longer days, mild weather

In spring, the weather stretches out and you can enjoy long days on the slopes and on a deckchair in a mountain bar, forgetting about the watch. When you have had enough of the heights, you still have time to go to the hotel and relax in the Nordic spa of the Montana Village or in the private Jacuzzi of your suite at the Montana Suites. Afterwards, what a delight to stroll around Val d’Isère and do some shopping, have a good meal in the charming village of Tignes les Brévières, or taste a good wine at the Levanna Wine Bar, facing the Grande Motte glacier. Or would you prefer to relax on the balcony of your room, out of sight?

The Tignes fluid slopes just for you

After the Christmas and February holidays, the traffic changes and the slopes become fluid. No more jostling and waiting at the lifts! The resorts are quieter, but still very much alive. You can have lunch at the top or at the foot of the slopes without queuing, and you can enjoy all your favourite activities without the stress of seeing them sold out. A ski holiday in spring always rhymes with tranquillity and serenity!

Tignes - remontées mécaniques

The ideal season for children and beginners

As you will have understood, between the quality of the snow and the calm on the slopes, spring is the ideal season to start skiing or to improve at your own pace. In spring, the slopes are free-flowing and you forget the fear of getting in the way of other skiers or being pushed around. We appreciate the softness of the rising mercury, we wear lighter clothes, making our movements freer. We are also less afraid of falling: the snowy coat cushions like cotton in this season! It is also the ideal season for our little ones to learn to ski with us or at the EFS, without being cold and in the best conditions.

A special freestyle snow

If the spring snow makes it easier for beginners to slide, it is also popular with freestylers who come to practice more relaxed. The soft snow allows them to perform tricks with risky landings! Spring is also the season of many freestyle events and you can even treat yourself to a course in Tignes Val Claret. Finally, the big snowfalls also exist in spring: the April powder snow offers good slots to the snowboarders. Some purists claim that the real ski season starts … at the end of March!

Off-season prices in Tignes and activities throughout the resort

In spring, you can also take advantage of low prices on a multitude of activities in Tignes Val d’Isère, and discounts on ski passes and rentals with the “Last traces Spring ski” offers. And that’s not all: Tignes Val d’Isère is even more festive in spring, as it’s the start of the festival season, freeride competitions and fun team events like the Yeti Race!


Yeti race Tignes

Photo credit: Aurore Valance

Nature reborn

In spring, the snow begins to melt at medium altitude and the mountain pastures slowly appear. You can admire the first buds, the soil turning green and the fauna showing its nose after hibernation. The birds sing and we witness the spectacle of the mountain coming back to life. You can enjoy it at the foot of the slopes on the vast sunny terrace of the Arbina or splashing around in the heated outdoor swimming pool of the Montana Village. What a delight!